Markus Dorninger is an Austrian artist and designer focused on interactive light projections as an experiential and transformational medium. His work comprises interventions in public space, as well as stage performances and art installations. After initially embarking on a videogame design career in the UK, he began to explore alternative forms of interactive creativity. In 2005 he returned to Austria to team up with brother Josef Dorninger and friend Matthias Fritz, searching for ways to tell visual stories live on the theatre stage. The result was Tagtool, a visual live instrument which facilitates new forms of public art and education, and has since spawned an active worldwide user community.

In 2007, the trio founded the arts production company OMAi, short for Office for Media and Arts International. The stated mission was to “procure and transfer knowledge” in whatever shape or form. Ever since, OMAi collaborates with partners from different fields of expertise — culture, business, technology, science, music or performing arts — seeking to create experiences that transcend conventional ways of experiencing, understanding and learning.