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“Project Pegada: Cine-diaries of defeat” exposes various possibilities of enabling neither pacified nor negative spaces, transforming the drift into an act of transversal knowledge, a vital affirmation as well as a political position. The work is the result of the action of the aimless walking and the recording in epistemographic tapes: transparent adhesive tapes where the materiality of the landscape is covered. The tapes are then scanned and projected onto a device built for the occasion, where they can be seen running through the gears of an open projector. For AtFest the route that connects Fisterra (end of the Camino de Santiago, the westernmost point of Europe) with Leuca is presented. Finisterre and Leuca have in common the cult of the Sun in the pre-Christian era. The work consists of a video installation with the material collected during the trip: landscapes, video collection of the sunsets in the different locations and postcards of the material. Written on the tapes, the verses of the Chilean poet Nicanor Parra are projected: “We think we are a country and we are just a landscape”.

Installation will be visible in the Teatrino place of Convitto Palmieri in Giosuè Carducci square in Lecce.