Roi Fernández (A Coruña, 1979) is a transmedia artist working in the fields of film, stage arts, visual art and performance since 2001.

His body of work combines film narratives with skilled pictorical techniques, walking art, expanded drawing, videomapping, poetry with digital media and scenography to build up transmedia universes for his projects. In these projects, Roi explores concepts such as topography, route, drift, melancholia of impossible Pasts, identity or pseudonym thought a complex construction of live performances, texts, de-construction of archive material or big data.

Roi’s work is interested in confronting histori(es) in the mirror of fiction narratives to discern any probable truth of a reality in a continous scape. He builds up intrahistories, characters, alter-egos and data in an attempt to difuse the idea of a central Reality or Paradigma, constructing alternative or simultaneous lines of the Real through re-asembly of data and montage.

Roi Fernández thinks about the active role of espectator as micro-transformateur with the creation of immersive worlds (videomapping, VR techniques, documentary theatre…) where he continuosly applies brechtian techniques of strangement to highlight the constructed nature of the artistic and social Truth. He simultaneously uses different media to divert the focus of attention of the spectator (live Cinema, installation, projected montage and live action, fiction..).