atFest — digital arts and new technologies festival — sets a CALL FOR NARRATIVE/ARCHITECTURAL VIDEOMAPPING directed to national and international artists to select who will realize a work for the Festival.

In this edition of the festival, artists from all parts of Europe will create a bright itinerary in the historical centre of the city of Lecce. The project includes videomapping, video-projections, light sculptures and stagings for public spaces.
atFest has the main purpose to enhance local cultural heritage: places, architectures, traditions and local productions. Thanks to the power of digital art, using the light and technological systems will be possible to create an interaction between users and locations.


Artists are invited to create a project related to the atFest concept and in particular taking inspiration from the Edoardo De Candia’s works, a local artist who lived in Lecce in the second age of ‘900. The videomapping will light up the De Amicis’ facade placed in the hystorical center of the city of Lecce, in Accardo square.

Related documents:

  • low res images of De Candia’s production; 
  • E.De amicis facade reconstruction

Provided images for the creation of the project concept are granted by Polo Bibliomuseale of Lecce and by Catanzariti family.

To take part of the selection of the work artists are invited to send the following documents within the 23:59 of the 15th of July to with the object CALL VIDEOMAPPING:

Short bio and portfolio in .pdf format;
A description of the proposal in .pdf format;
n.5 images of the project that describe better the project .

Results will be communicate within the 20th of July 2021.


Projects will be evaluated by a commission of digital experts composed by Emanuele Russo (video artist), Anna Maria Monteverdi (digital performance and Videomapping expert), Mauro Marino (cultural operator and editor).

Every project will be evaluated with a score based to the following criteria:

Project – max 70 points. – Coherence with De Candia’s works (max 30 points).
– Aestetic rendering related to the places where will be projected (max 25 points).
– Duration of videomapping (max 15 points).
Portfolio – max 30 points. – Other projects developed in similar areas.

It will not considered proposals with score under 70/100 points.


The selected artist will be charged to realized the proposal and he will be engaged to send the file, including related audio file, in high res. The audio track must be in copyleft type.

The fee for the realization of the media contents is 1400,00 € + IVA, all taxes included.

Payment will be done in two steps:

50% after sending the file and after the check of the work about the indicated criteria.
50% within 7 days after the end of the festival.

Artist selected will be hosted by the organization during the festival.


The provided elements by the participants could be pubblished on the channel of the festival (web site, application mobile, social account, etc) and used by the organization for promotion purpose.